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Writing Your Letter.....

Collecting autographs through the mail is fun and easy. The Ultimate Boxing Address List from (click here for ordering information) is invaluable to the collector or fan in obtaining your favorite boxer’s autograph. The addresses listed have been successful with autograph collectors around the world and new addresses are added often. Like all address lists, we cannot be responsible for incorrect addresses because addresses tend to change frequently. If you find an address that is no longer valid, e-mail or send the address to us so we can attempt to find the correct address and keep the directory current.

The list provides addresses for boxers, boxing managers, promoters, matchmakers, announcers, referees, boxing associations, boxing gyms and clubs and other related professions. When an address is not listed for a boxer, you may also write to him/her care of his manager,  promoter or possibly a gym where he/she trains. Amateur and Olympic boxers can also be written in care of amateur boxing associations while Hall of Famers may be written in care of the Boxing Hall of Fame. There are several things to consider when writing your letter:

  • Check your spelling

  • Be polite when requesting an autograph

  • Keep letters short and to the point

  • Always use a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope (SASE)

  • Request no more than 2 autographs

  • Be patient. You may receive some replies back in a couple weeks to 3 months. Others may take a year or longer.

If you want to receive a response, it is imperative that you send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE). Remember if you are requesting an 8 x 10 picture, send a 9x12 self-addressed-stamped-envelope. It is best to provide an item for signature, however some will respond to a request with their own autographed item. Before sending an item, it is best to verify that the address is current and to determine if it would be possible to send something to be autographed. Always include a letter acknowledging the boxer’s accomplishments. As far as typing or handwriting a letter, it is suggested that you type your letter, unless your handwriting is easy to read. When sending a request, use a 9 x 12 clasp envelope that contains your letter, two 3x5 cards (the boxer can use these to supply an autograph in the event he does not have a picture), your item for signature (when applicable) and a self addressed stamped return envelope measuring 9 x 12. Clearly mark the return envelope PHOTO - DO NOT BEND even when no photo is enclosed. It is recommended that 78 cents US postage be placed on both the SASE and on the 9 x12 envelope sent to the boxer. When you are writing to a boxer who is in a different country, send a self addressed envelope and one (small 4x6 envelope) to three (9x12 envelope) International Reply Coupons which you can buy from your postal authorities.

Here is the format of a sample letter. Of course you must add information about the boxer and the appropriate names to the letter.

Dear "Boxer Name",

I have been a fan of yours for many years.

Insert here: "a memorable moment, recent fight, recent HOF induction, etc...."

I was wondering if you would honor a small request. Can you please autograph the index card that I have enclosed? If you have a photo that you could autograph and return along with the enclosed index card that would be great! Please use the enclosed SASE for your convenience. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

(Your Name and address here)

As you see this is a short but to the point autograph request. Avoid creating a request that exceeds a few paragraphs. The boxer you are writing to may not have much time to peruse your letter. They all receive a lot of fan mail, so give them time to respond to others.

Good Luck!